Merry Christmas from Cantref Gwaelod Agility

Cantref Gwaelod Christmas Logo

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Cantref Gwaelod agility club have had one of their most successful years to date. I have only been part of this sport for a handful of years but I have never known the club to walk away from each competition with so many successes. We have literally had to fight over who brings the cake each week! It has been great to watch so many partnerships improving so quickly too.

Personally, I think that starting the year with some fantastic pre-season guest training sessions really made the difference. The sessions gave us all some food for thought as to how we warm up and cool down our dogs, find the best line on a course, build drive and motivation into our dogs…I could go on. Looking back at how the year has gone for everyone, it is clear that a lot of these techniques made an impact on us and that we have benefitted enormously from that early boost of motivation and enthusiasm.

So, I hope that you and your four-legged companions are currently having some much needed R&R? Don’t forget to take things easy when you get back into training!

Speaking of which, training at the club resumes on Tuesday 5th January 2015 with Competition Night.

Regular training for the New Year starts up again on Tuesday 12th January.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again…and to shifting some of the festive trimming I have been acquiring over the last month!