New term starts 20th Jan 2015

Owing to the adverse weather conditions this week, the first week of ‘term’ had to be cancelled (Tues 13th Jan). However, we have simply pushed back the start date for our next beginner’s courses by one week.

So, term starts on Tuesday 20th Jan at 7pm! If you have not already done so, you can register here.

Remember – if you’re new to agility, bring along a toy that your dog absolutely loves to play with (no squeaky toys though please – it’ll drive the other dogs to distraction)! Tug games are great opportunities to bond with your dog and work really well in agility training. If your dog is more food than toy oriented, bring along a pot of really high-value treats, such as tiny cubes of cheese to reward your dog for doing some great work. Or, better still, bring a toy and some treats!

One more thing – please do not feed your dog before training. Whilst the beginner’s classes are not as energetic as in the competing dog classes, you will still be asking your dog to go over small jumps with some twisting, so it’s a really good idea to leave about 2 hours after feeding before training. Anyway, they need to be motivated to get those precious cheese rewards!

See you next week!