Reorganisation of training and course booking

Tuesday nights are still Cantref Gwaelod nights!

As you may know the club is reorganising the way training is conducted and how payments are managed. We are doing this for two reasons:

  • Ensuring continuity and progression of instruction and therefore better and quicker learning for both dogs and their handlers, and;
  • Easing financial pressures on the club.

Starter Dogs

Sessions usually every Tuesday except first Tuesday in month.
From now on, new starter dogs will pay for a six-session course of instruction with payment of £30.00. This will be payable at the second session. At the end of this period, we hope that most dogs will be ready for the intermediate class.

Intermediate Class

Sessions usually every Tuesday except first Tuesday in month.
Dogs training in the intermediate class will also pay for six sessions in advance at £30.00.

Advanced Class

Usually every Tuesday.
Thereafter, if they are ready and so wish, dogs and handlers may proceed to the advanced class. They may pay in advance for four sessions at the discounted rate of £16.00 or £5.00 for each session, pay-as-you-go. For handlers with more than one dog in this class, there is an additional charge of £1.00 per session for each additional dog, payable either in advance (£4.00 for four sessions) or £1.00 extra per session.

Annual Subscription

The annual subscription will remain at £12.00.

These arrangements start from Tuesday March 11th 2014. The first six-session course will run from 11th March and finish with the session on the 29th April. (This allows for the advanced class only evening on the first Tuesday of every month and Easter).

In addition to the above, from time to time, we will organise other sessions with visiting instructors and demonstrators for those members who are interested.

Please try and keep an eye on the Cantref Gwaelod website regularly for updates and last minute information like weather issues and cancellation of a session. If you are unsure, contact Sue.

Finally, if you have any questions, Sue or any of the instructors will be pleased to answer them.

Special message from Sue: I would like to thank Claudine, Carlos, Joan and Sarah who are all volunteering their time and effort with this new arrangement and not forgetting, of course, Angie for setting up and sorting the website.
Wishing you all well with your dogs and hoping to see you soon!
Sue Shaw